I love the family-centric culture at LaTrelle’s because it enables you to build relationships with employees where you feel united in your pursuit of success. My greatest accomplishments are seeing the people I have trained grow into leadership roles of their own. I believe that if you take great care of the people who work for you, they in turn will take great care of the customers, and that’s a recipe for ongoing success.

Ubaid Mian
Operations Director, Traditional Wendy’s

Goal-driven and insightful, Ubaid Mian is known for cultivating customer-centric restaurant environments in which both employees and customers feel valued and appreciated. A leader, who enjoys learning – and who works hard to instill that joy in others – Ubaid encourages the teams he leads to grow, pursue innovation, and take initiative in solving problems and exceeding customer expectations. His remarkable attention to detail enables him to empower his teams to operate at peak performance levels that result in reduced costs and increased sales. Quick to recognize a job well done, Ubaid is skilled in building both leaders and teams that regularly surpass goals.

Fast Facts About Ubaid
  • Holds a B.S. in Computer Science From the University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Holds a Degree in Business Administration From Bells College, London, United Kingdom
  • Recipient of Employee of the Year for Reducing Food and Labor Costs and Increasing Sales
  • Proficient in Dozens of Computer Programs, Including Multiple Restaurant Management Systems
  • Enjoys Supporting the Missions of the Hidaya Foundation and the March of Dimes