As restaurateurs, we pride ourselves on cultivating a portfolio that offers a robust selection of both nationally known and locally loved brands. While every brand we operate has its own personality, our approach is singular in that we meticulously uphold each brand’s guidelines to ensure customers have a consistently wonderful experience.  



Great food served fresh never goes out of style. However, food has a following and remaining relevant to those who love it means exercising our flair for innovation, like providing travelers with an opportunity to experience a city’s local flavors. A few of the local institutions LaTrelle’s has introduced to airports include: Bullritos, Hubcap Grill, Stumptown Coffee and Pink's Pizza.



In a world where people enjoy endless choices, operating a successful neighborhood-based restaurant requires a tireless commitment to superior food and service. LaTrelle’s owns and operates numerous neighborhood restaurants and we are proud of the many awards they’ve won, as well as the loyal customer following they’ve developed.