Founded in Portland, OR, Stumptown is regarded as the city’s top gourmet coffee shop, and enjoys a loyal following of discerning coffee connoisseurs. LaTrelle’s relationship with Stumptown includes the exclusive honor of being chosen to bring this beloved brand to travelers visiting the shop’s hometown via Portland International Airport (PDX). Stumptown’s reputation for using only the finest beans sourced directly from farmers with whom they have longstanding relationships has made their coffee a flavorful favorite of foodies and regular Joes alike. LaTrelle’s is thrilled with the continued success of Stumptown and is excited to bring this brand to more locations in the future.

Stumptown Franchise Facts
  • Stumptown has a 7,000 square foot roastery and training lab to teach a select few how to become master coffee bean roasters
  • Cold brew coffees include flavors, like chocolate, which pairs well with cereal
  • Master roasters spend years learning how to roast coffee in a way that brings out the best acidity, flavor and sweetness of the bean
  • Stumptown buys its beans directly from farmers in Africa, Indonesia and Latin America
  • Stumptown’s brew guide provides step-by-step directions for nine different ways to make coffee, including vacuum pot, french press, filtron, bee house and more  
Stumptown Locations
Portland International Airport
Terminal B/C Rotunda
Portland International Airport
South Lobby
Portland International Airport
Concourse D - COMING SOON
Portland International Airport