I’m a fan of the humor columnist, Franklin P. Jones, who once said, ‘Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.’ Here at LaTrelle’s I’m perpetually recruiting good people to keep this important position filled.

Benny James
Board Advisor and Resident K9 (BARK)

Benny James is the Board Advisor and Resident K9 at LaTrelle’s, and is known for his enduring loyalty and tireless efforts to chew on a problem until he finds the perfect solution. Committed to his life’s motto, ‘work hard, play harder,’ Benny is a master at engaging employees in team-bonding activities, and is currently the MVP of all of LaTrelle’s intramural ball teams, including tennis, softball, soccer and squeaker. His high-spirited personality, winning smile and ability to take commands in stride make him a popular influencer with LaTrelle’s fellow Board members.

Fast Facts About Benny
  • PhD (Professional Hole Digger) from WOOF International, Kingwood, TX
  • MBA (Masterful Burger Appetite) from Wendy’s, Kingwood, TX
  • Lifetime Member of PetCo Pals Rewards
  • Official Treat Tester at Pet Ranch, Kingwood, TX