I love that LaTrelle’s maintains such high expectations for all their employees. Working here has taught me how important it is to set an example for everyone on the team, encouraging all to surpass what they think their personal best is and become the extraordinary employees I know they can be. And while our restaurants have won prestigious rewards, like the Wendy’s Sparkle Award, I find it most rewarding when my coworkers and customers are happy — that’s what I’m striving for every day.

Osiel Lazo
Operations Director - DFW, SEA, PDX, CVG

Osiel is famous amongst LaTrelle’s employees and management team members for his endless supply of energy and incredibly positive attitude. These two personality traits serve him well as he motivates and trains team members to uphold LaTrelle’s high restaurant standards. A true self-starter who has been in the food industry for more than 25 years, Osiel has an innate understanding of what customers want and how to equip his team members to exceed their expectations. A results-driven leader, Osiel enjoys setting goals and recognizing team members for jobs well-done.

Fast Facts About Osiel
  • Led his team to win Wendy’s Sparkle Award
  • Earned a degree in Education in El Salvador
  • Taught himself how to speak, read and write English