When you are working with a variety of different personalities such as designers, architects, engineers, builders and of course, family, it’s essential to remember that everyone is working toward the same goal: we all want to build a restaurant that is amazing! When challenges arise, as they inevitably do, I make it a priority to maintain a positive attitude.  It’s a commitment that empowers everyone on my team to lose their fear of failure and see every experience as an opportunity to learn.

Cramer James
Project Director

Cramer James is Project Director for LaTrelle’s, a role that makes the most of his remarkable ability to manage multiple teams and tasks with precision, passion and positivity. A true visionary, he enjoys seeing great ideas come to fruition and is skilled at coordinating complex schedules, while guiding multiple restaurants through the challenging phases of design, construction and grand openings.  A disciplined leader known for his infectious sunny side, Cramer takes a proactive approach to problem-solving by carefully planning each phase of development to ensure all design and construction processes meet LaTrelle’s exacting standards while promoting a safe and productive work environment.  Whether building a new restaurant or remodeling a favorite, he is quick to recognize opportunities for his team members to grow, learn and overcome obstacles together – the LaTrelle’s way.

Fast Facts About Cramer
  • Studied Hospitality at Stephen F. Austin (SFA) State University, Nacogdoches, TX
  • Worked With Chemical Dependency Counselors to Mentor Youth at the Casa Blanca Sober Lifestyle in San Diego, CA 2013-2015
  • Owned and Operated a Personal Training Service for Groups and Private Clients 2013-2015
  • Managed LaTrelle’s New Three-Restaurant Food Court and Seating Area Project at IAH from Concept to Completion