I love that LaTrelle’s makes it a priority to honor the established processes and procedures of the brands they operate. I have found that when you apply proven methods across the board, it increases efficiency and promotes a consistent and smooth-flowing work environment in which everyone knows and enjoys their role on the team.

Vickye Peck
Director of Training and Senior District Manager

Vickye has managed the ever-expanding number of Wendy’s Restaurants operated by LaTrelle’s for over 20 years. A true mentor committed to equipping employees at all levels with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, Vickye prides herself on doing things by-the-book so that every restaurant runs with utmost efficiency. She is responsible for directing training for all of LaTrelle’s Wendy’s stores and serves as District Manager over LaTrelle’s 10 free-standing Wendy’s units.

Fast Facts About Vickye
  • Began working for Wendy’s as a member of the crew at age 16
  • Promoted to Manager of highest volume Wendy’s in Houston at age 18
  • Led LaTrelle's-operated Wendy's to win numerous quality, service and cleanliness awards from Wendy's International