Figuring out what people are good at doing and then putting them in a position to use those strengths to a restaurant’s advantage is something I really enjoy. When you work hard to develop the gifts that others have, you often are gifted in return with employees who love their work and are happy to be there. A positive attitude is contagious and it’s what I strive to see replicated in all my teams, and throughout all my restaurants.

Nova Mays
Operations & Training Director of IAH

A hospitality expert with over 26 years of experience spanning all aspects of restaurant management, Nova Mays is highly skilled in creating high-performance work environments, in which both employees and customers feel appreciated. A visionary who is passionate about developing the strengths and talents of the individuals she oversees; Nova is known for coaching her teams to actively pursue their dreams and become strong leaders themselves. Her positive energy empowers LaTrelle’s employees to enjoy their work and consistently obtain accolades for operational excellence. Nova is adept at implementing and upholding the policies, procedures and high standards of LaTrelle’s portfolio of brands, and is gifted at teaching others to do so, as well.

Fast Facts About Nova
  • Studied Business at Lone Star Community College in Houston, Texas
  • Developed Six Associates Into General Managers; Four Associates Into Training Leaders; and Numerous Associates Into Shift Leaders
  • Achieved One of the Highest EcoSure Audit Scores for Public Health, Food Safety and Brand Protection
  • Led Eight Restaurants to Receive Excellent EcoSure Audit Scores, Including One That Previously Failed
  • Is an Active Baseball Player, Who Has Participated in This Team Sport Since Childhood 
  • Supports Local Animal Shelters in Their Efforts to Find Forever Homes for Animals